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Lifestyle, Portrait, Wedding & Branding Photography.

My mission is to capture the beauty of the moments that mean the most in women’s lives – from weddings, to maternity shoots, to first birthdays, and branding your business.

Every time I show up, I’m there to help you feel completely comfortable and authentic. so we can bring your memories to life in an intentional, raw and wildly magical way.

I want your photos to bring you back to the full experience and beauty of that moment, long after you might have forgotten.

Let’s love, laugh, play, run wildly through a field, barefoot in the sand, or sip coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

Let’s capture and share your joy together!

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.


If you’re looking for creative and stylish lifestyle photography in Miami, I’d love to meet you. I am a professional photographer with years of experience capturing the unique spirit of this vibrant city. My portfolio includes a wide range of work, from portraits and fashion shoots to weddings and newborns.

Special Lifestyle Photoshoot Stories

 I’m a passionate photographer who loves to tell stories through my lens. In this section, you’ll find a diverse collection of photoshoots that showcase my unique perspective and artistic style. Each shoot is carefully curated and crafted to capture the essence of the moment, whether it be a family gathering, a romantic getaway, or an intimate portrait. From the joy of a newborn baby to the love of a newlywed couple, I strive to capture the special moments in life that truly matter. 

Loving parents-to-be enjoying their day out together on one of Miami's scenic beaches; expecting mother radiantly dressed for summer weather in a stylish sundress with her protective spouse at her side.

A Magical Maternity Photography Experience

Another stunning sunrise session unfolded on South Pointe Park

Branding Photoshoot in Miami's Design District

Yonnais and Camila, the dynamic duo of boss babes

The Power of a Branding Photoshoot

Creating a vision to bring the company’s brand value up

A Wedding Photographer's Joy

Capturing a couple’s Blissful Elopement

A Creative Couple Photoshoot

Everything you’d ever wish for in a creative experience like this one
Photo of all the women of a family from eldest to youungest

Family Photography

A Heartwarming Moment of Four Generations Bonding

Newborn Photography

Capturing Special Memories of Growing Families


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"Absolutely magical photos!

Love Janel and her photos! She captured my engagement shoot and wedding. My photos are absolutely magical! She is easy to work with and very quick turn around time! I totally recommend Janel!
– Nathalie Di Carpio

"The best investment for capturing your memories with ease and essence.

I have worked with Janel on a multitude of projects from editorial, branding, special occasion & creative. Each time I am blown away with Janel’s capability to capture the essence of the story at hand. Ive been her mused & have worked sets where I am not. Each time the results have been impeccable. She has a way of directing the entire session with ease & trust. She’s always on time, extremely reliable, quick & always prepared. She is the best investment you’ll make to capture your memories. Her turn around time is also quick. Below are some of the images Janel captured for my brand. I am a stylist.
– Jainiz Sanchez

"Janel made me feel comfortable and empowered during my first professional shoot, capturing the best moments with her incredible eye.

Working with Janel was a dream come true! She was absolutely incredible. It was my first time doing a professional shoot and I was very shy at first, but she made me feel so comfortable and gave me lots of tips. She was patient, helpful, and caring. The results were so beautiful. She has a great eye for capturing the best moments. The shoot felt so natural and empowering. I LOVE her. I 100% recommend her. You NEED to book a session with her.
– Camila Sandino

"Janel has a special way about her that creates an environment where I felt completely at ease.

Feeling so comfortable allowed me to feel powerful, confident, and beautiful during our shoot. She has an amazing vision that you can only grasp when you see the incredible photos that she delivers. Janel has taken some of my very favorite photos and I adore collaborating with her!
– Gaby Guzman
Business Coach, Strategist & Speaker
Gaby Guzman portrait branding session. Sitting comfortable and smiling to the camera.

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Branding photoshoot for social media influencer

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Couple kissing with sunlight right in the middle of them

Discovering the magic of photography

All of us know that some unique and beautiful moments come only once in a lifetime; like a wedding or welcoming a new baby into the family. Therefore, it’s only natural that we want to preserve the most significant moments of our lives to remember all the joy and magic we experienced during those times.
Model raising a glass during commercial photoshoot

How to prepare for a personal branding photoshoot

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