Janel Kilnisan: Lifestyle Photographer in Miami

Janel, lifestyle photographer, with her 2 daughters

I aim to create not only beautiful images but also images that make you feel.

Hi! If you’ve gotten this far, it means you connected with my photography and that couldn’t excite me more!

I am a Miami native, born and raised. The culture and diversity of this place fill my soul. I’m very much a city girl, but with a HUGE LOVE for nature, a wild soul who needs the trees, ocean, and fresh air. I’ve made my way by always seeking the balance between the urban environment and the serenity of the nature that surrounds it. I find myself always on the hunt for a new, beautiful spot to explore.

When not at work, you’ll find me out in nature, tasting new foods, listening to new bands at a local show. My mom was a musician, and so Music is something I hold dear to my heart. It speaks to me, inspires me, and motivates me.

Besides photography, my most important role and accomplishment are being a Mommy to two beautiful, smart, WILD girls. Those two are my heart and soul, having them has taught me so much. The most important lesson they’ve shown me is that there is beauty in everyday chaos, and that translates into my work. When something may seem disorganized or turbulent, I want to be there to capture it and show its true magic.

I aim to create a fun and carefree environment for my clients, so YOU can relax and really live in the moment I am capturing. Nostalgia plays a major role in what I do. The reason I fell in love with photography was the ability to create memories, frozen in time for you to cherish. Looking back on family albums, being able to go back to a day, a place, a feeling one might have forgotten otherwise is truly beautiful to me.

I’m a romantic at heart, in love with the intricacies of a moment: The wind blowing in your daughter’s hair; the glow of a mother’s belly; the delicate weave of his hand in yours. I’ll be capturing all those lovely little details in your session.

I can’t wait to hear from you!