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Discover how we redefined Allison’s CranioSacral therapy brand with a dual-location photoshoot in Coconut Grove and Indian Hammocks Park, blending professional and spiritual imagery for her website and social media
Experience the intimate elopement of Eric and Sarah, from a historic ceremony at The Ancient Spanish Monastery to a rainy, romantic beach celebration at Oleta River State Park, capturing love’s essence.
Revisit a cherished family’s journey with newborn photography as they welcome baby Alyssa, their first girl. Experience the joy and chaos of life with three kids under four through our heartwarming session.
Capture timeless family moments with a vintage-styled photoshoot at Hollywood Beach’s historic hotels. From fun fairs to elegant portraits, see how mood, location, and wardrobe blend to create unique yearly memories.
The main characters in this story are two sisters, true New Yorkers at their core, but life took them on different paths. One found her new beginning in Florida during the pandemic, while the other remained amidst the New York hustle. They chose to reunite in Fort Lauderdale for a family gathering this winter, aiming to gift their parents something truly special: a photoshoot capturing their family’s warmth and closeness.
I had the pleasure of photographing Sophia and Jesse at Stardust Studios in North Miami – a truly remarkable experience! Their electrifying chemistry shimmered through the photos as if it were a tangible thing. Adding to this beautiful session was Lovely Bride Miami‘s dress and Flormosura‘s florals that truly elevated the scene! It was so full of love, joy, and delight – everything you’d ever wish for in a creative experience like this one.
Hugette and Eric’s relationship is the epitome of a modern-day romance novel. Huguette was on an unexpected trip in Costa Rica when they met – she had taken a vow at New Year that the first three months would be dedicated to God, so naturally told him this upon meeting. Eric graciously waited until April 1st to begin courting her, proving his undying patience and dedication from the start! I had the pleasure of being familiar with Huggette for many years before she requested that I photograph her engagement shoot. As a former photographer for Disfunkshion magazine, I was beyond delighted to be chosen as her photographer and capture such an important milestone in their lives together. On an early winter morning, we ventured to Virginia Key beach in Key Biscayne where the sunrise provided us with an incredibly stunning backdrop. The tranquility of the ocean added yet another element of beauty which made this experience all the more special!
My session with Baby Frederick was a delightful experience filled with moments you’d wish could last forever. Every tiny yawn and stretch was a picture-perfect snapshot of new life and love. The atmosphere was warm and joyous, truly capturing the essence of these precious first days. It was a day to remember, illuminating the sheer magic that comes with new beginnings.
My heart sank when Victoria told me her grandmother had taken ill and wouldn’t be with us much longer. I understand the feeling of grief all too well. She asked if I’d capture in photos a portrait of her mom, grandma, herself, and daughters to preserve this special moment for eternity – A request that was an honor to accept. She was determined to capture the magical bond of four generations of women in her family, and time was of the essence due to her grandmother’s deteriorating health.