Veronica and Boris’ Maternity Session

Another stunning sunrise session unfolded on South Pointe Park in Miami Beach. The mornings on the beach have a tranquil atmosphere, and I’m always mesmerized by the magnificent colors that come out of the darkness before daybreak – this morning was no exception! It was simply breathtaking. On that blustery morning, the sky was awash with cotton-like clouds. The gusting winds only amplified what already felt like a special occasion – one of my oldest friends beginning her next journey in life. I can’t help but feel excited for all she has ahead! Boris and Veronica were such a delight to work with–they embraced my creative ideas, like running along the shore for motion blur photos and jumping in the water! They had so many exciting suggestions that made our photo shoot an absolute blast. It was truly an honor capturing these two marvelous individuals’ love story together.