Izzy & Saul

I had the pleasure of meeting Izzy when we worked together, and what an honor it was to capture her headshots. She is a remarkable creative powerhouse here in Miami—her work within the music world has been nothing short of spectacular! Saul is an incredibly gifted graphic designer. During the pandemic, I envisioned creating a photoshoot with lots of motion and blur to capture genuine love on the beach. As I scrolled through Instagram, I kept noticing Izzy continuously flaunting her and Saul’s affection for each other – so naturally, my instincts drew me to them! Because of this bond they shared with one another; I knew that their chemistry was something special; so without hesitation asked if they wanted to come together and collaborate on capturing my envisioned masterpiece. She was filled with uncontainable joy, as they had just gotten engaged without informing anyone. Living a block away from the beach presented an even more romantic sentiment to their special moment – because the beach was and will always be “their place.” On that early summer day in Miami Beach, I met them outside of their apartment near the surf side steps and took these photos that I still fondly recall.