Beach Maternity Photoshoot – Detailed guide

Capturing the glorious, fleeting moment of maternity is something unique and special. It’s that period in-between before your life shifts with the addition of a tiny bundle of joy.

A beach maternity photoshoot is a magical way to cherish and honor this special time. The beach setting provides the perfect backdrop for precious photos you will treasure forever.

Symbolizing life and rebirth, it's an ideal way to commemorate this special occasion — particularly since babies develop in an aquatic environment inside their mother's womb!

A pregnant woman in a sundress stands facing to the left, hands covering her pregnant belly, with a stunning sunrise in the background at Miami Beach.

Joyous couple basking in the warm sun as they take stroll along the peaceful shoreline of Miami; expecting mother dressed for comfort in a gorgeous sundress accompanied by her devoted husband.

Pregnancy photoshoots are one of my favorite types of sessions ever, just as I discussed in my Unique Pregnancy Photo Shoot Ideas article (Must read if you need good ideas!).

Today we'll take a closer look at why a beach maternity photoshoot is so magical:

The Natural Beauty of the Beach - With its white sand, warm oceans, and stunning sunsets, the beach is a picturesque backdrop for capturing magical maternity moments. From family shots to solo maternity portraits, you won’t be disappointed with the natural beauty of the beach.

The Soft Light - The soft light of a sunset or sunrise provides an ethereal glow to your photos that can’t be replicated in a studio. With the sun setting behind you, your maternity photos will have an enchanted quality that captures your beauty and grace as a mother-to-be.

Freedom - Being on the beach allows you to express yourself and make poses that weren’t possible in a confined space. Whether it’s running into the waves or playing in the sand, you and your photographer can create beautiful images that capture the joy of expecting a child.

A beach maternity photoshoot is a special way to honor and preserve this wondrous time in your life. Show off that beautiful baby bump against the stunning backdrop of the ocean and let the memories live on forever.

A glowing pregnant lady looking radiant in her breezy sundress on one of Florida's sunny beaches.

Tips for Posing at Your Beach Maternity Photoshoot:

Photograph mom alone

Take photos of mom wading in the water, leaning against the sand, or standing on a rock formation. Capture different perspectives - profile, close-ups, etc. Play with silhouettes by shooting directly into the sun for dramatic effects. Allow movement, like walking, dancing or jumping into the waves.

The silhouette of an ecstatic pregnant woman stands before an ethereal backdrop of orange-red skies on Miami beach, cradling her blooming belly adorned by a wet sundress.

Shoot dad with belly

Capture dad and mom embracing each other, cradling her belly, or simply standing side-by-side. Add a little humor by taking photos of humorous poses that show the anticipation of meeting the new baby.

Loving parents-to-be enjoying their day out together on one of Miami's scenic beaches; expecting mother radiantly dressed for summer weather in a stylish sundress with her protective spouse at her side.

Straight-walking maternity poses

Capture mom walking on the beach with her belly out. Utilize negative space by taking photos with mom's silhouette from behind. Be creative. Work with your photographer to create unique and personalized poses that capture the moment. Have fun exploring different angles, facial expressions, and props to enhance your shoot.

A beautiful pregnant woman wearing a stylish sundress stands on the shore of a sunny beach in Miami, Florida. She leans forward and lets her toes feel the warmth of the ocean, her hands cradling her growing belly.

Shoot silhouette maternity poses

Take advantage of the setting sun and create beautiful silhouette images. Work with your photographer to find a place to get in front of the camera against the sunset. Capture both close-ups and longer shots for variety. Experiment with props & accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Throw a beach hat on or grab a big beach towel and create fun poses with them.

Exuberant pregnant woman wearing a flowy sundress and her supportive husband standing hand-in-hand on the white sandy beach of Miami, Florida, gazing out onto the vast expanse of the bright blue ocean.

An expectant mom wearing a bright sundress on Miami Beach, enjoying the beautiful morning light and feeling her baby's movements within her womb.


Pregnancy is a unique and beautiful experience that some women find empowering and sensual. Capturing this special moment with the perfect outfit is essential to immortalize it forever! A low-cut bodysuit featuring an alluring back adorned in lace can be a lovely garment for any beach photoshoot during pregnancy.


A closeup of a pregnant woman's womb reveals the miraculous growth taking place within her. Her husband embraces her from behind, their hands clasped around her protruding belly, in an intimate display of love and support.


By following these tips and working with a skilled photographer, you can capture stunning beach maternity photos that you'll cherish forever. So go ahead, and capture the beauty and magic of your maternity photoshoot with timeless pictures that will last a lifetime.

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